River Cruises

Canadian River Cruises

Have your adventure begin with a cruise through some of Canada's rivers which have some of the most breath taking scenery on routes selected specifically for their stunning rich gifts of history and natural beauty. Taking a cruise through calm waters on a replica steamboat is your reward for an adventure into an old tradition. Canadian river cruises offer you gorgeous scenic views, secure and safe overnight ports, the chance to explore new grounds.

You may choose to cruise through the great St. Lawrence River, through the beautiful heart of Canada’s northwest near Alaska in the Yukon River, or through the Ottawa River. During your cruise through the any of the rivers you will have the chance to learn about each of the rivers history. The St. Lawrence River begins at the foot of Lake Ontario, opposite of the city of Kingston and generally flows within a north-easterly direction about 775 miles. During floods the river sometimes mingles with the waters of the gulf by the same name, and just beyond the Gulf of St. Lawrence lays the vast Atlantic Ocean. The St. Lawrence River flows within the largest body of fresh water on the globe, and among all of the large rivers of the world. The St, Lawrence River is the only one whose volume is not greatly affected by the elements. The St. Lawrence River is referred to as "The noblest, the purest, most enchanting river on all God's beautiful earth," by J.M. LeMoine. The St. Lawrence River runs for miles upon miles acting as a natural boundary between the United States and Canada.

During your Canadian cruise through the Yukon River you will have the chance to explore historic sites, view abundant wildlife and admire the wilderness around you. You will be able to learn about how in the olden days travelers voyaged through the Yukon’s shining, glacier-fed waterways which were the original highways of the North in Canada. Also travelers would be educated on the history of the Ottawa River. First explored by Samuel de Champlain in 1613, the Ottawa River is one of the largest tributaries of the St. Lawrence River. The total length of the Ottawa River is approximately 790 statute miles. The Ottawa River drains an area of 57,000 square miles and has an average flow of about 70,000 cubic feet of water per second. It has been stated that this is greater than that of all the rivers of England and Wales put together. This is significant, especially when you take into consideration that it is only a tributary of the great St. Lawrence.

Canadian river cruises offer you breath taking scenery, great educational knowledge with stories of the wonderful history behind each river, and unforgettable moments. So take a couple of days off and indulge in one of the best cruise experiences in a lifetime.